ice cream – for medicinal purposes only

It’s been a week of runny noses, coughs, and sneezes at our flat. I’m kind of sick and tired of it to be honest. I’ve been wanting to get at that £15 chair {I know if I leave it too long it’ll make it’s way to the back lane}, but haven’t wanted to rip apart old, dusty cushions with my sick children around. The kids have kept me busy {no shocker there} and it’s been a week of found time with them. Today’s adventure was papier mache. Noah’s class was making viking helmets today and so, not wanting him to miss out, I said ‘let’s do this at home!’ I did not anticipate the lack of enthusiasm on the part of my children when it came to actually putting their hands IN the paste! I ended up doing most of Noah & Stella’s, and part of Olivia’s just so I could clean it up! They’re still drying, I have no idea if we did it right, but I sure hope so!

Noah *lovin* the paste


the finished product drying - fingers crossed it works!

It’s {hopefully} back to school tomorrow!

So I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a ‘what we ate’ posting on here. I’ve seen a few blogs that do the ‘what I wore’ post, but I figure what I’m preparing for dinner is a lot more interesting that what i’m wearing {jeans, wool of some sort, boots, *repeat}. This week has been a combination of new recipes {Thai coconut noodles, Jamie Oliver’s fish bake} and oldies {costco’s chicken strips which my children adore, slow cooked pork chops with caramelized onions}, but I haven’t taken a single photo of a dish. So next weeks challenge: ‘what we ate’. I also need to learn to use our dslr, but that’s another story. I do have tomorrow’s dinner planned, this pasta, using huge shrimp{prawns} that I found in the frozen section at Costco, they’re my new addiction. Well enough babbling for me, I’m off to enjoy my ice-cream {to treat my sore throat of course!}. xx


Today was not my usual Tuesday. I woke up feeling unwell {for the 3rd day in a row} and all three children were hacking, sneezing, with runny noses. We decided to keep them home and have a pijama day {I may have done that yesterday with Stella too}. The kids had a great day, playing, snuggling on the sofa watching movies {their current fav is How to Train a Dragon}. Mike got out the easel for Livi and she spent some time painting {Stella may or may not have sabotaged her painting when she wasn’t looking}. I caught a sweet shot of Mike helping her.

don't they look alike?

I spent a lot of time organising our office *aka* my disaster of craft supplies. Mike was sooo pleased and it did feel good to tackle it, 4 months later…. All was going well until I checked an e-mail. We work with young people, in a church, and this past week one of those young people made a really important and exciting decision. She had spoken to me about meeting up and I was really looking forward to it. I had sent out an e-mail to the staff letting them know, and I received two replies that someone else on the team was already taking care of it. I felt thwarted. It’s really so ridiculous, I should be happy that someone has already met with girl, that she’s being cared for! But I immediately felt unneeded, replaced. Why does it bother me so much?

I think it surfaced this need I have to be doing something outside of mothering and homemaking that is significant. I’m in this constant tug of war with my commitment to be a full-time stay-at-home Mom, and with wanting to be needed outside of all of that, to have some sort of “role”. Working on our staff team fulfills some of that, but today I was left questioning whether that is healthy for me right now. Why shouldn’t my best efforts be put towards raising my three little angels?

the three angels

That being said i know I need space to have an   identity that does not only revolve around these 3. I am on my own journey of growing and learning too. I need to take time for myself to recharge, refresh, all those good “re” things. Perhaps what I don’t need to do is be the best at everything, perhaps I don’t need to keep looking for approval and significance by doing. I read this blog post last week and it really struck me,  I may even have shed a tear or two. Read it, I think you’ll like it too.

So instead of looking at everything in life as a  competition, something to prove I’m the best {or even  pretty good}, my goal is to stop comparing and start  twirling {read the blog post noted above, you’ll  understand}. xx

it was a stay in pjs until noon *or later* kind of day…

I woke up feeling really rubbish this morning, and my amazing husband let me have a lie in – on a school morning! Stella and I slept until just past 9 (when she began to demand breakfast). Mike fed, clothed and walked the kids to school, and brought me back a latte! Unfortunately that did not cure my head cold, but it did brighten my day.

Well not a lot of progress was made on my chair this weekend, except for an impulsive purchase of fabric from Laura Ashley… so at least the fabric is chosen and bought {which may have been difficult for a more thought through – less impulsive person than I}.

My favourite part is the wee bird!    Well my head is  fuzzy… so I’m off to bed…

so i bought am armchair for £15 today…

and it looked like this

I have all sorts of things planned for this chair, painting the frame, white or possibly black {easy}, recovering the cushions {very challenging, seeing as I have absolutely no idea how} and possibly beefing them up a bit with some extra batting. Mike is a bit skeptical, and perhaps not as excited about this project as I.

This is how far I got today…

Tomorrow I’m hoping to pick out some fabric and start making a pattern from the existing cushions… will keep you posted.

One thing I did complete today, and felt surprisingly good about, was adding these lovely wooden hearts to some canvases I have that are covered in burlap.

Cute, don’t you think?


burp cloths and baby showers

I made some burp cloths the other day for a baby shower I went to last night. I got the idea from this blog I’m completely obsessed with. It has inspired me to spend more time creating, making beautiful things myself. We’ll see where I go from here, but so far it’s been life-giving!

So about the baby shower, it was a lovely evening celebrating a soon-to-be-born baby. The mum was so excited and we all oo-ed and aw-ed over all the wee gifts. Can’t help but get a bit broody in a room like that, seeing all the cute wee clothes… but our family has to be complete at some point right? I need to keep processing that one I think.

Off to eat chocolate and watch some mindless tv… xx

60 P1s and celtic music.


Today I had the chance to go on a field trip with Noah and his class. I love going on trips with Noah. I get to see him interact with his friends, I get to see his teacher interact with the kids, and 5 year olds crack me up. Today Noah’s class and the other P1 class (hence the 60 kids) took the subway into town, and then got to see a variety of Celtic music performed at the Royal Concert hall. I have to admit getting there was a bit stressful, but they are lovely children and did well. Watching the kids enjoy the show was really good fun. They were clapping, and dancing, and really enjoying themselves. Except for possibly Noah, he wanted to snuggle up instead, I didn’t mind. There are two things I took away from today. First, Celtic music is really fantastic! The whistle in particular is my favourite. It feels fairy-like. Second, Noah has a really great teacher. At one point she said to me she gets emotional seeing the children enjoy the show so much. How fantastic is that? She is incredibly patient yet firm and in control. And Noah adores her. By the time we got back to Hyndland Primary I was exhausted, I really don’t know how she does it all day long. But I am so thankful that Noah has such a fabulous teacher, and that he got to enjoy something today that he wouldn’t have if we were in America. x

in moderation


Last night I made some “healthy” chocolate chunk cookies… and they’re really good. They’re healthy because they have whole wheat flour, raw sugar and agave, and dark chocolate, etc, etc. The only problem is I can’t stop eating them. This made me think of enjoying things in moderation, in this case cakey, nutty, just the right balance of chocolate and salt cookies. Which made me think of Stella, who has no box for taking something  in moderation. For having just a little, savouring it, so it can be enjoyed again later. Stella is an all or nothing kinda girl, those of you who know her can attest to this. Today has been one of those days, when her “all or nothing” mentality has been EXTREMELY taxing. She has demanded and screamed and fought her way through this day (and it’s only 4.30!). I’ve tried to be patient, tried to reason, had to discipline, and bought her a big bag of maltesers. That last bit may not have been my wisest choice. But how will she learn moderation, restraint, self-control, if I don’t teach her? If I don’t allow her the chance to learn? It’s a messy journey I’m on parenting Stella, but I’m up for the challenge…but I might need just one more cookie.

All i want to do…

…is start a simple blog! It’s amazing how long it took me just to choose a theme.

I’ve been really impacted lately by reading a few blogs, one inspires me to cook and another inspires me to create. Both things I enjoy doing but don’t always savour as I’d like to. I’ve also been wrestling through some big decisions, and the only way I know to do that is to journal. I walk around with a constant narrative running through my mind, I figure I might as well get with it and share my thoughts with the world. So enjoy my random thoughts and whatever else may end up on here.  xx Continue reading