in moderation


Last night I made some “healthy” chocolate chunk cookies… and they’re really good. They’re healthy because they have whole wheat flour, raw sugar and agave, and dark chocolate, etc, etc. The only problem is I can’t stop eating them. This made me think of enjoying things in moderation, in this case cakey, nutty, just the right balance of chocolate and salt cookies. Which made me think of Stella, who has no box for taking something  in moderation. For having just a little, savouring it, so it can be enjoyed again later. Stella is an all or nothing kinda girl, those of you who know her can attest to this. Today has been one of those days, when her “all or nothing” mentality has been EXTREMELY taxing. She has demanded and screamed and fought her way through this day (and it’s only 4.30!). I’ve tried to be patient, tried to reason, had to discipline, and bought her a big bag of maltesers. That last bit may not have been my wisest choice. But how will she learn moderation, restraint, self-control, if I don’t teach her? If I don’t allow her the chance to learn? It’s a messy journey I’m on parenting Stella, but I’m up for the challenge…but I might need just one more cookie.


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