60 P1s and celtic music.


Today I had the chance to go on a field trip with Noah and his class. I love going on trips with Noah. I get to see him interact with his friends, I get to see his teacher interact with the kids, and 5 year olds crack me up. Today Noah’s class and the other P1 class (hence the 60 kids) took the subway into town, and then got to see a variety of Celtic music performed at the Royal Concert hall. I have to admit getting there was a bit stressful, but they are lovely children and did well. Watching the kids enjoy the show was really good fun. They were clapping, and dancing, and really enjoying themselves. Except for possibly Noah, he wanted to snuggle up instead, I didn’t mind. There are two things I took away from today. First, Celtic music is really fantastic! The whistle in particular is my favourite. It feels fairy-like. Second, Noah has a really great teacher. At one point she said to me she gets emotional seeing the children enjoy the show so much. How fantastic is that? She is incredibly patient yet firm and in control. And Noah adores her. By the time we got back to Hyndland Primary I was exhausted, I really don’t know how she does it all day long. But I am so thankful that Noah has such a fabulous teacher, and that he got to enjoy something today that he wouldn’t have if we were in America. x


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