it was an accident….

That is Stella’s favourite phrase these days. This was her “accident” today.

She’s clearly misusing the phrase. She’s very clever and observant, I guess she figured since ‘it was an accident’ works sometimes for her siblings {when it actually is an accident}, she’d give it a try. Gotta give her credit for trying, and tomorrow I will be buying a new measuring tape.

Today ended up being a home day for me, kind of unintentionally. I just lingered on the sofa with my coffee a little too long, took my shower a little too late, and next thing I knew it was noon, and I needed to be in the flat from noon until half five to wait on the washing machine repairman {who incidentally came at 5 and needs to order  a part, which he assured me will take no less than 7 – 10 days, he didn’t seem to understand my concern with that timeframe}. I hung a few bulletin boards with the next 8 months of calendar pages tacked to them {trying to plan ahead}, and finally tackled the chair. This involved de-tufting {is that really a word? not underlined in red so must be I guess} the tufts, peeling off the old cushion covers {that part was kinda gross, I was covered in fine foam ‘dust’}, ripping the covers apart and starting to create a pattern for the new covers. The further I get into this the more I’m convinced I’m in over my head. Tomorrow I plan to take my rough outlines of the covers and try to make them straight, after I replace my measuring tape that is. I’m also hoping to get cutting the new fabric! Here are a few pics of the gross old cushions, and my attempt at making a pattern.

pattern out of a paper tablecloth? why not..

I also went to a baby shower tonight. I love a baby shower. All the wee clothes, the excited new mum-to-be {who has no idea what she’s in for in just a few weeks, I tried not to burst her bubble}, the lovely chocolate and cakes….I gave what is going to become my signature baby gift {burp cloths}, and a few onesies that I appliqued a few shapes onto.

my favourite is the wee elephant.

It was my first go at applique and I love how it personalizes even a simple white onesie, I’m planning to do a few t-shirts for Stella also, little miss ‘it was an accident’.


One thought on “it was an accident….

  1. these are amazing, and Stella is a baby genius! It was clearly not an accident, missy! haha… applique and burp cloths make me wish I had a baby you could accessorize!

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