w-w-a aka ‘what we ate’

Welcome to the first installment of what we ate! It’s been an eventful food week around here, the pressure was on knowing that I’d be taking photos of what we ate {we must have veg!}. We happened to have guests for dinner twice this week so there was the awkward pause before eating where I tried to take a decent photo {still need that dslr lesson – thankfully I have a dear friend willing to teach, photos should improve soon!}. I only missed one day, Tuesday, when Mike put a chicken breast roast in the oven for me {along with parsnips and chips(fries), his choice} since I was in a meeting that extended into our usual 5.00 eating time, I got home later on, scarfed it down and forgot to take a photo. Yes I know that’s a ridiculously early time to eat, I get flack for it regularly from my Continental European friends who don’t eat until 7 at the earliest. We started eating supper early when Olivia was little, and haven’t looked back. *Confession* I often end up eating a second mini-meal around 9. Well, let’s get to the photos.





Monday: Butter Chicken by the Pioneer Woman, the photo doesn’t do it justice, although it was that orange, it was delightful.

Wednesday: Mushroom & Leek Pork Chops with mash & green beans. This sauce is creamy and infused with port, so yummy.

Thursday: Thai coconut noodles with peanut butter sauce. We were eating with a vegetarian {who eats fish} so I added in cooked prawns, usually I serve it with chicken. I love the sauce, I want to take a bath in it, I realise that would be very gross.

Friday: A quick easy staple in our house, Pancetta with Leek Pasta, also by the Pioneer Woman. I love her.

It was a fun week of cooking, like I said earlier knowing I was going blog about our meals made me plan just a bit better, which is part of what I was hoping for.

Here’s a quick shot of how we ended our Friday night {before the kids went to bed and I watched a scary movie}.

Noah's new book "Manfred the Baddie"


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