i’ll pencil you in

This week has been the first of introducing the new homework schedule at our house. Homework gets mixed reviews around here, Olivia resists it, Noah loves it, and Stella demands it {what’s new there?}. It’s a bit late in the game to introduce a schedule {6 months into the school year} but it’s something I’ve been meaning/wanting/needing to do for a long while. I love a schedule, I need the structure or else I waste time days so easily. Ours is pretty simple, Monday is Maths, Tuesday is Topic, and Wednesday is Words{or spelling}, and Thursday we finish up whatever needs doing. Monday I sat down with Olivia to work on multiplication tables. This has been at the back of my mind for quite some time, I knew she needed help, and I’m SO glad I took the time. I found this great website that helps to explain the little tricks to learning the times tables. When I spent a few minutes with Olivia working out of a book she said “I never knew what they meant when they said ‘times’, now I do!”.  Aside from the fact that I was shocked no teacher had properly explained this to her, I’m glad I took the time to start. She’s been excited to do maths ever since.

I’ve been trying to do better with time management in general this last while. Along with the kids homework schedule I’m trying to implement a schedule for myself as well. I’m constantly struggling to muster up energy between 3 and 6 pm, probably the most demanding hours of my day {aside from the morning rush hour before school}. The problem is that, as with most people, it’s my lowest point of the day, low energy, low blood sugar, low emotional strength {ie. self-control to deal calmly with demanding children}. I have no problem spending time with people in the mornings, but I’m finding that if I’m using up my “reserves” meeting with people {or shopping, which I may or may not enjoy/waste mornings doing}, I’m often neglecting the home tasks {ie. grocery shopping, tidying, prepping supper}. When these tasks are neglected, and I’ve used up all my people energy before the kids are home from school, disaster often ensues. When I’m tired {shopping tires me out}, hungry {don’t always eat the best lunches}, and overwhelmed {breakfast dishes still out?!}, I am not the best mommy to my little ones. And so I am trying to make wiser choices. I want the few hours my kids do get with me each day {they’re in school for SO much of the day} to be quality hours. Even as I’m writing this Noah has come in wanting me to lay with him…. Do I ‘pause’ the writing to go snuggle with my little boy {yes! yes!} or do I push through to finish the task?

I’m afraid my task-drivenness will have to be discussed another day, I’ve got a wee boy who needs a cuddle… x


One thought on “i’ll pencil you in

  1. Ok, so taking you for a really nice lunch (K&J) is one to avoid piling up dishes in your kitchen, and will ensure food gives you that spurt of afternoon energy..? I think I can help you out there :o) lunch dates are the best for friends!

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