WWA and swimming…

Week 2 of what we ate was another adventure! Day 1’s meal didn’t get quite enough time in the oven {slightly crunchy potatoes anyone?}, day 2’s meal was eaten before I remembered to take a photo, woopsie {but I did get a photo of the amazing carrot cupcakes}, on what should have been day 3 Mike & I went out for a date {here}, I had the most amazing risotto which was totally photo-worthy, but I didn’t bring the camera, and days 4 & 5 had a bit of a mexican flair to them…

Day 1:Honey-lemon-garlic Roasted Chicken with Root Veg. Not exactly photogenic, and I sorta ‘lost’ the photo… Don’t ask.

Day 2: Broccoli, Chicken and Cheese casserole with Salad and The Hummingbird Cafe’s Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing {I don’t often do casseroles, they make my children cry, literally, but this was the 2nd half of a double batch I made for friends who just welcomed their first baby boy, that’s also why there was dessert}


Day 4: Chicken Tortilla Soup, another one of my favourites from the Pioneer Woman.







Day 5: Keeping with the Pioneer Woman theme {and because I had some cream to use up from day 2, and some green chilies to use up from day 4}, White Chicken Enchiladas. I love food containing canned green chilies, it’s such a pity they don’t sell them in this country…



The other big event today {aside from enjoying White Chicken Enchilada deliciousness with a dear friend} was swimming. If you know me, you know I don’t exactly enjoy swimming. Especially indoor, cold water, children splashing you in the face swimming. In my opinion pools are meant to be enjoyed as an optional cooling off place while sunbathing. Seeing as I live in Scotland my preferred poolside enjoyment is not exactly an option, and my children {especially my oldest} happen to think splashing around in cold-ish water is good fun. Since there was no school today, and Mike was able to join us, we went swimming. I have to admit, once I got over having my faced splashed repeatedly, I had a great time playing with Olivia and Noah. Stella preferred to only go in the pool where she could touch the ground at all times, the baby splash area. Noah jumped in off the edge over and over again, Olivia and Noah and I raced across the pool and generally splashed around. I’m not saying I want to do it again tomorrow, but I surprised myself by enjoying our time at the pool, and it was good to get over myself and do something purely for my kid’s enjoyment. We’ll see what adventures tomorrow holds…


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