valentine’s day

first casualty

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I’m sure you knew that already. Well it didn’t seem like a day for romance and celebrating love around here. The kids watched Star Wars: Clone Wars, over and over, and I spent hours working on the chair. I had great plans to make heart-shaped, pink-iced cookies with the kids, but alas, the chair and Star Wars took over. I did manage to make a nice meal {lasagne – a favourite for both Mike and I} and dessert. I then proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa at 9. How romantic is that?

I got the back cushion of the chair {mostly} finished. It involved a few mistakes {okay maybe a lot of them}. Pictured above is the needle I bent while trying to sew in the zipper, without using the zipper foot. I tried to sew over the zipper tab thingy and that’s what happened to my needle. I also had some crazy seams going on {I’m pretty certain using the zipper foot would have helped with that, for the second cushion I plan to locate and use said zipper foot}. I attached one of side pieces of the cushion the wrong direction and had to rip that out as well. The cushion is also slightly over-sized, I added a bunch of batting to it today and I’m hoping it’ll look fine once I’ve tufted it. I bought a mega-huge needle to do that with today, it’s kinda scary! Tomorrows plan includes getting my hair done {priorities} and then starting on the bottom cushion. I’m going to try and sucker sweet talk Mike into painting the frame for me, we’ll see how that goes. x

back cushion finished - sort of










Oh one more thing, I discovered a new addiction today… I heart them.


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