a different hair day

I went to this salon yesterday, for a morning of bliss. I love going there. My ‘hair lady’ {saying stylist sounds way too posh for me} doesn’t try and chat me up, we just decide what she’s going to do and leave it at that. It’s calm and relaxing, and they keep bringing coffee! Well I went in thinking I’d like to do something a bit different with the colour. I used to play with the length all they time, I would grow it out ’til just past my chin just so I could chop it all off into a pixie cut. I’ll go back to that eventually, but this last year or so I’ve been just letting it grow, adding in a fringe {bangs} also. I had a dark auburn colour in mind something like this:






I ended up with colour that looks more like this:







I think I’m ok with it. It’s bold, which is what I want to be, but it also makes me uncomfortable because it draws attention. That’s kinda how I roll, trying to be confident and bold, but fighting insecurity along the way. Don’t we all fight against insecurity in one way or another? I hold myself to this unrealistic standard, ie. self-confident, ‘together’ {as in has it all together}, patient, outgoing, organised, fit, healthy, etc etc etc. I set myself up for failure when I compare myself to this fantasy woman who is all of those things. She really is just a fantasy, and I am reality. My reality is that I am an imperfect wife, mother, friend and daughter, but I am trying my best and growing into myself. Maybe I’m not always confident, or patient or a healthy eater {I love carbs!} and I certainly don’t have it all together, but I’m loyal, and I love my family and friends dearly and I’ll do anything I can to help you in your hour of need. And that’s enough for now. So I’ll wear my slightly-darker-than-expected hair colour with my version of confidence, and try not to take myself too seriously.


One thought on “a different hair day

  1. Ha, where would we be without carbs?! Gotta have ’em! I agree, we are none of us perfect.. but the joy is in trying to be the best version of yourself, and in knowing that you’re loved just as you are too :o)

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