w.w.a. a few days late

I’m posting this late because I was far too busy friday night. Normally my Friday nights involve mustering up the tiny bits of energy I have left after a long week to put my kids to bed, and then plopping down on the sofa to download the weeks worth of food photos, and then watch some mindless entertainment. Exciting, right?  This past Friday was different though, I got to go see Ben Folds with my favourite guy, and it was fabulous. I have never in my life seen someone play the piano like that, completely amazing.

Well here are the photos from last week, Monday through Thursday this time, Friday we ordered in pizza from this little take-out place across the way, Casa Blanca, the best thin crust pizza around.


Monday: Waffles with white sauce and sausages. I realize this is not the most nutritious meal, but it is delicious, and a family tradition. I grew up eating these waffles, and they are a treat for our family every once in a while. The ‘white sauce’ is a creamy custard mixed with whipped cream, one of my favourite substances on earth.




Tuesday we had {leftover} sausage, mushroom and green onion quiche. Apparently i was  wanting brunch foods for dinner at the beginning of the week. I don’t make quiche very often, but when I do I absolutely love it!






Wednesday we had a group of people over from church so I decided to cook the huge silverside beef roast I had in the freezer. Wanting to go with a mexican themed dinner I slow roasted the beef in stock with jalepenos. We ate it in tortillas with rice and cheese and salsa!


Wednesday's Dessert!


I can’t take credit for this dessert, my guests brought it, but it was so pretty I had to post the picture. Vanilla ice-cream, cinnamon sugar crispy tortillas, with chili-chocolate drizzled over top & sprinkled with cinnamon. Such a great finish to our Mexican themed meal!



A few weeks ago I mentioned I had an amazing Risotto, with red peppers. Well I tried to re-create this Thursday, and it turned out pretty well. I definitely think Risotto is a new favourite food. Unfortunately I mistakenly opened up an expensive bottle of wine {that my husband was saving} to put in the Risotto. Woopsie. I’ll need to be more careful!


Well now I feel caught up! Enjoy your week! I hope it’s filled with sunshine as ours is supposed to be.


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