so i’m not the neatest…


I decided to tackle a few of my pending painting projects today. This is a picture {taken by my daughter} of me after. I’m a disaster when I paint. I just can’t help it. I try to be neat, I try to only dip my paintbrush in a little bit and take careful strokes, but inevitably I end up with a paintbrush covered in paint, paint splattered on the drop cloth, my clothes, my hands, and {today} on my chin.


Unfortunately it’s not just in my painting that I have trouble being neat and tidy. This ‘quality’ of mine extends into my closet, bathroom, kitchen, etc., and I’m afraid my oldest daughter has inherited it as well. The thing is I really LIKE things to be neat, I love it when a room is tidy and things are put away. I can’t cook a meal in our kitchen until it’s tidied and the workspace is clean. So basically I am my own worst enemy {well me and the 3 little people in my flat who constantly sabotage my efforts to tidy}. I create mess that drives me crazy because I want things to be neat. I think better when things are neat. Even if my room is a mess when my bed is made I feel like there is some order in my life. I don’t think that I’m necessarily a sloppy person, I’m just a rushed person. I always run about 5 minutes late. I dash around like a mad-woman before taking the kids to school in the morning, trying to locate my scarf, my keys, my purse, you name it. Now wouldn’t it be easier if I just put those things in their proper place when I came in the day before? That is my challenge for this week. Put things away, in their proper place, NOW, instead of later. I’m hoping this will help me be a bit less manic in the mornings, and in life in general.

Here are a few before and after pictures from my painting today. I only got the primer on, but I already love how everything looks with a coat of white {the final coats will be in white paint too!}.

tray bought on clearance with a Christmas motif painted inside
















with a coat of primer

so much nicer with a coat of white paint!


2 thoughts on “so i’m not the neatest…

  1. You are an amazing work of art… I love your creativity and how you use the different gifts God has given you in so many different ways. x

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