It *could* all fall into place…

Today in the post we received:  a letter from our landlords detailing termination of lease procedures, a details packet from our shipping company, carseat adaptors for our new stroller, and a Boden package, shhh don’t tell Mike!

Random?  Yes. Completely representative of our current state? Definitely.

Just this past Friday we booked our plane tickets ‘home’, for Nov 21st, and we finalized details with our shipping company, who will come and pack up our wittled down pile of belongings sometime between the 10th & 14th of November. Saturday we had a big sale and sold most of the big items we needed to. Monday we gave our 1 month notice to our landlords. Details are seemingly falling into place. Well at least a few things have been taken care of, and a few things have been booked, and a few things are going to take a miracle! The miracle business is going to be the timing of the birth/London interview/Visa processing/passport for the baby. I’m trying to not completely freak out at the impossibility of it all, trusting that God has been in charge all along, and is not going to abandon us now!

So I just keep pushing ahead, through the plans that need to be made (hotel in London/ train to London/ Olivia’s birthday party/ farewells) and try my best to ENJOY the last 3 1/2 weeks we have here.

Seven years in one place, and it’s come down to 3 1/2 weeks. I really have no words. How do I leave this life I’ve had for seven years? A place where I will have had 3 of my 4 babies? A place where I went through some of the hardest moments of my life and marriage? A place where there has been such joy? Those are the questions that have been going through my mind, this past week especially, and I have no answers just yet.



the weekend in photos

'sale' room

This weekend we had a ‘garage’ sale to clear out before our move. We managed to get rid of loads of stuff, and it was nice to have so many friends come through the flat.

sewing project started

I started working on a diaper bag, based on this pattern by Amy Butler, out of some fun fabric I found at Ikea.

lego creations

The kids spent hours making lego aircrafts.


A certain little girl let this gerbil go free while we had a houseful for the sale!

unexpected visitor

When Mike went out to pick us up some takeaway a cat followed him home, up the stairs and into the flat! Livi took him (or her?) back down the stairs, this was the best I could do for a photo!


uh oh

I’ve been working on getting ready for baby, and one of the final things was getting a new buggy. Our old one doesn’t accommodate a newborn, and I may have a *slight* obsession with strollers, I don’t even want to admit how many we’ve been through with our 3 kids. We finally decided on one, and I found a great deal on e-bay for about £50 less than anywhere else. It arrived yesterday, hurray!

new buggy!

The only downside is that Stella proceeded to have a total meltdown once we took it out of the box and put it together. She was just so *mad* that it wasn’t for her, she even hit it. Uh-oh. I have been blissfully unaware of any jealousy on her part towards this baby. I have a whole stockpile of baby things that I’ve been collecting and making. This is the first time she’s been upset about any of it.

So Mike came up with the great idea to make a ‘baby survival kit’ for our kids. Something for them to open up and enjoy while we’re at the hospital. So far we’re thinking a note to each of them, sweets, books and a small toy. Putting that together will give me something to keep me busy for a wee while. I’m at 38+ weeks and already feeling the ‘am I ever going to have this baby?’ Just think of how bad it’s going to get if I’m late… Perish the thought!

Happy Weekend!

in the next month…

I was telling a friend recently all that needs to happen over the next month…. as I kept adding events to the list it all seemed a bit unreal… Thought I’d share it with you.

*have a ‘garage’ sale {those don’t really happen here, so we’re having a sale out of our flat, and putting a bunch of stuff on gumtree}

*give birth {sometime in the next 3 weeks}

*go to London for an immigration interview {schedule for 7 November, assuming the baby decides to make his appearance before then}

*make sure I have all the paperwork I need for the above-mentioned interview

*have the baby registered in Glasgow, and then register him at the embassy in Edinburgh {to get his US citizenship} and get a passport

*choose a shipping company {it’s between 2 right now}, have them come and pack up the essentials we’re going to ship {oh, and decide what those ‘essentials’ are going to be}

*give “notice” to our letting agent, and clean all the nooks & crannies so we can get our deposit back

*have Grandma come to visit {hooray!}

*Halloween {not a big deal for me, but the kids are really excited to dress up, etc}

*celebrate Olivia’s 9th birthday, and have some sort of ‘going away’ party for her and her friends

*book airplane tickets {try to figure out what date will work best, so we can be in WA in time for Mike’s sister’s wedding}

*sell our car

*say good-bye to friends and a life that we’ve built over the past 7 years

Phew! Have I forgotten anything? Overwhelming right? I’ll let you know how it all goes…

On a less stressful note, I came across this today at marks & spencers.

Every year, for the past 7, I’ve missed this at Christmastime and tried to re-create it. I bought a tin because I was so excited about it, and because it’s so cute and I love the red. It’s like Christmas in every bite! I’ll keep munching on that over the next month, and do my best to take things one day at a time.

the weekend in pictures

friday night's dinner

Seriously, a big bowl of pasta with sundried tomatoes, olives, garlic, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella chunks, parmesan and fresh basil…. what could be better? Based on this recipe.

crisp autumn morning

fort and mess making

sorting and prepping for the 'sale' next weekend

finished bunting for baby boy

plum platz

We also enjoyed this dessert this weekend, plum platz. Platz is a mennonite dessert, somewhere between a pie and a coffee cake, so delicious! I used this recipe.

Kind of a low key weekend, Noah thinks I shouldn’t go too far from home, “in case you have the baby in a shop”, which he thought was pretty funny. No school this week and a kid’s club at church, perhaps baby will choose this week to make his appearance. Here’s hoping!

food glorious food

So I have this theory that food tastes better when one is pregnant. After the extreme nausea, gagging at the thought of food stage that is. Once you’re past all that, food has never tasted better! I have a whole list of things I want to make on my pinterest page {I LOVE pinterest btw!}, and it is growing daily. So I thought I’d share my food obsession with you, here is a list of food I want to make {and more importantly EAT} today… or at least in the next few weeks before baby comes, after that I figure I’ll be too tired to cook.

plum and apple pie

via smitten kitchen

pumpkin latte coffee cake

 via better homes and gardens

I’m planning to bring a meal to friends this coming Monday, an excuse to make this? I think so.

baked risotto with mushrooms

via the well-fed newlyweds

I absolutely LOVE Risotto, but don’t often have time to stir a dish constantly for 20 minutes right before serving it! I’m hoping to try this out, and that it is as delicious as it looks.

autumn brittle

via adventures in cooking

blueberry coffee cake muffins

via the barefoot contessa

baked salmon

via allrecipes

My friend Sarah made this for us a while back. I love this salmon with this stuffed pepper recipe she used as well (she used red peppers, amazing!). We’ve had this so many times since, and I can’t wait to eat it again.

I’m feeling the need to go bake something now, happy eating!

so I sew…

It seems I’m on a roller  coaster, one day I’m mourning our move, and the next I’m sewing, or baking, or knitting. It takes my mind off of things I suppose. So today between midwife and school and doctor’s appointments I’ve been working on the bunting for baby boy. The midwife and doctor both included the dreaded ‘weigh-in’, thankfully things are okay in that department so I celebrated not needing to be weighed again by indulging in several of these that I baked last night (minus the festive sugar and with half wholewheat flour), and then thoroughly enjoy this for dinner, made with leftover turkey , mashed potatoes and gravy from thanksgiving. {Noah liked it so much he told me I should open a shop and be a famous ‘cooker’, since Noah regularly bursts into tears when he sees what’s for dinner I took this as a huge compliment!}

Back to the bunting, got distracted by food….this baby may not have a room yet, but he will, someday.  So before I pack up my sewing machine and ship it off {only to see it 8-10 weeks later, *sigh*}, I’m planning to finish the baby’s bunting. I made a template based on Stella’s bunting, and spent an evening last week cutting out a million little triangles.

triangles cut and ready for sewing

Today involved sewing them together and then cutting the edges with pinking shears. I love the zig-zaggy edges, and apparently it’ll stop the edges from fraying.

'flags' sewn together

zig-zag edge

The next step is to find some seam tape that I like and sew it together! I love bunting, how it turns any room into a wee party. I’m hoping to pick up some seam tape tomorrow and sewing them together, will post a picture when I’ve finished!

They’re just things….

Seven and a half years ago, when we were selling all of our possessions to move to Scotland, it was a basket. It was a basket that I’d been given as a wedding shower gift that set me off. It was selling that silly basket to a total stranger that signified so much more for me. Letting go of what I thought life would look like, and of that basket being in the corner of my kitchen for, well, ever I guess.

Today it was a glass hurricane vase. Sold to a complete stranger. A stranger who came into my house and wandered around and picked out ‘lovely’ things that she wanted to buy… Of course we asked her to come, by placing an add on gumtree for an Ikea TV stand, and in reality she is doing us a favor, we need the money and we need to rid our house of these ‘stuff’ we can’t move with us. As she was leaving with a box full, Stella said ‘but she’s taking all our pretty things’, and I said ‘Yes, but they’re only things…’ And then I sat down on the sofa and cried. Of course it’s just a silly vase, just as trivial as that basket, yet just as symbolic for me.

I continue to be blessed by this blog I’ve mentioned before, I feel like I’m learning to let go right along with her.

The weekend in photos…

Had a busy weekend full of food prep and eating! Here are a few photos…

favorite breakfast

Saturday morning, rainy and dreary outside, yogurt, granola and frozen blueberries!

fall mantle

Finished off the mantle, added leaves hot-glued to twine to accompany the fabric pumpkins.

pumpkin spice latte

Sunday’s pumpkin spice latte, to help me through the day of prepping Thanksgiving food!

serving dishes ready to be filled

Dishes waiting for to bring Thanksgiving food to the table!

pre-dinner chaos

Deciding where to sit, perhaps place cards next time?

pie crust ready for the delicious filling

Monday, the actual day of Canadian Thanksgiving, pie crust at the ready.


Using “America’s Favorite Pumpkin” to make my Canadian Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, it really is the best…


Finished and ready to enjoy!

That was one full weekend, now ready for a day of rest, and a break from cooking!