Crafting ADD

story of my life...

I am the poster child for not finishing projects.

The thing is I’m SO good at starting them. I’m constantly looking at blogs and getting new ideas. I’m good at gathering the supplies and getting started, but if I can’t finish it in one sitting, chances are it will sit and sit, and I will move onto something else. Some of the things I’m hoping to make (in the next month mind you, before baby is born!) include, bunting for the baby, starring this fabric:

Cath Kidston airplane fabric

I’m hoping to make a few more fabric pumpkins, hem school trousers for Noah, make a maternity/nursing top out of some stripy jersey I found on offer, make a few more burp cloths based on this pattern, make some doll clothes for Olivia’s American Girl for her birthday (which is just a few days after baby’s due date, so trying to get it done as early as possible). Then there are the three knitting projects I have on the go, a baby blanket, for baby of course, a cowl made from some lovely mustard colored chenille I got on the Isle of Skye, and a scarf for Olivia.

See, totally ADD. That doesn’t even include the book page decorations I want to do for my mantel, inspired by this blog post. (I love the wreath made from book page leaves, and the leaves glued to twigs).

Here is the current state of my sewing table, which happens to sit in the corner of our living room, a bit of an eyesore to say the least.

total chaos

We’ll see how much i actually finish, but it’s helping me keep busy and my mind occupied before the birth. Maybe it’s my version of nesting, because I’m not exactly the scrub the house from top to bottom type… Will keep you updated on any progress made, and do my best to not add any more projects to the list!


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