Can you say ‘funk’?

and I don’t mean any reference to dancing.

I mean

I haven’t used that term for a long time, a good friend in college was the first to coin that for me. But ya, definitely in a funk here…. I just don’t feel like I can handle another week of not knowing. Not knowing when, where, what, pretty much ANYTHING about our future. Another week of carrying around disappointment and trying to control the anger that bubbles up from this. It doesn’t help that I was thoroughly annoyed at the hubs this morning (36+ weeks preggo, doesn’t take much unfortunately), and that my youngest screamed/cried all the way to school because she couldn’t find the plastic hair for her pony (not unusual for her), and it’s drizzly, get your face wet even if you have a hood and umbrella drizzly. I’m probably just majorly hormonal, a little sleep-deprived, physically uncomfortable and hungry (I’m like a hoover these days), but even knowing all of that I still can’t shake it.

One thing that does make me smile is this:

ready for baby boy

Not just because I got a great deal and it’s adorable, but because soon enough there will be a wee one in it. One thing I know foresure, there is a baby growing inside of me, and he is a gift and a blessing. Perspective (and a little sewing) will hopefully pull me out of the state I’m in…


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