I heart Costco.

Today I found this beauty at Costco, for only £3.50. What a deal!

giant pumpkin

I won’t revisit my obsession with all things pumpkin, like I highlighted in this post, but it did make my day to bring this giant home, along with a turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. You see I’m Canadian and my husband is American, so we get two Thanksgivings! I cannot wait for turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, squash, pumpkin pie….need to stop drooling now.

For the past seven years of living overseas Costco has brought great comfort. It may seem silly but when I was in the throws of culture shock my first trip to Costco brought me to tears. In Costcos all over the world some things remain the same, like their amazing roast chicken, salmon, wine, fruit/veg and *peanut butter*! When I first walked in, 7 years ago, it felt like I could have been back in the USA, even if it was just for an hour. Today I was reminded of home by the giant pumpkins and these frozen berries.

frozen berries

All the way from Lynden, WA, my husband’s hometown, and the place we’re moving back to (eventually). Well they do have the best berries. So that’s part of why I heart Costco; it has helped me through culture shock/adjustment and supplied us with peanut butter for the past 7 years!


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