The weekend in photos…

Had a busy weekend full of food prep and eating! Here are a few photos…

favorite breakfast

Saturday morning, rainy and dreary outside, yogurt, granola and frozen blueberries!

fall mantle

Finished off the mantle, added leaves hot-glued to twine to accompany the fabric pumpkins.

pumpkin spice latte

Sunday’s pumpkin spice latte, to help me through the day of prepping Thanksgiving food!

serving dishes ready to be filled

Dishes waiting for to bring Thanksgiving food to the table!

pre-dinner chaos

Deciding where to sit, perhaps place cards next time?

pie crust ready for the delicious filling

Monday, the actual day of Canadian Thanksgiving, pie crust at the ready.


Using “America’s Favorite Pumpkin” to make my Canadian Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, it really is the best…


Finished and ready to enjoy!

That was one full weekend, now ready for a day of rest, and a break from cooking!


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