They’re just things….

Seven and a half years ago, when we were selling all of our possessions to move to Scotland, it was a basket. It was a basket that I’d been given as a wedding shower gift that set me off. It was selling that silly basket to a total stranger that signified so much more for me. Letting go of what I thought life would look like, and of that basket being in the corner of my kitchen for, well, ever I guess.

Today it was a glass hurricane vase. Sold to a complete stranger. A stranger who came into my house and wandered around and picked out ‘lovely’ things that she wanted to buy… Of course we asked her to come, by placing an add on gumtree for an Ikea TV stand, and in reality she is doing us a favor, we need the money and we need to rid our house of these ‘stuff’ we can’t move with us. As she was leaving with a box full, Stella said ‘but she’s taking all our pretty things’, and I said ‘Yes, but they’re only things…’ And then I sat down on the sofa and cried. Of course it’s just a silly vase, just as trivial as that basket, yet just as symbolic for me.

I continue to be blessed by this blog I’ve mentioned before, I feel like I’m learning to let go right along with her.


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