so I sew…

It seems I’m on a roller  coaster, one day I’m mourning our move, and the next I’m sewing, or baking, or knitting. It takes my mind off of things I suppose. So today between midwife and school and doctor’s appointments I’ve been working on the bunting for baby boy. The midwife and doctor both included the dreaded ‘weigh-in’, thankfully things are okay in that department so I celebrated not needing to be weighed again by indulging in several of these that I baked last night (minus the festive sugar and with half wholewheat flour), and then thoroughly enjoy this for dinner, made with leftover turkey , mashed potatoes and gravy from thanksgiving. {Noah liked it so much he told me I should open a shop and be a famous ‘cooker’, since Noah regularly bursts into tears when he sees what’s for dinner I took this as a huge compliment!}

Back to the bunting, got distracted by food….this baby may not have a room yet, but he will, someday.  So before I pack up my sewing machine and ship it off {only to see it 8-10 weeks later, *sigh*}, I’m planning to finish the baby’s bunting. I made a template based on Stella’s bunting, and spent an evening last week cutting out a million little triangles.

triangles cut and ready for sewing

Today involved sewing them together and then cutting the edges with pinking shears. I love the zig-zaggy edges, and apparently it’ll stop the edges from fraying.

'flags' sewn together

zig-zag edge

The next step is to find some seam tape that I like and sew it together! I love bunting, how it turns any room into a wee party. I’m hoping to pick up some seam tape tomorrow and sewing them together, will post a picture when I’ve finished!


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