in the next month…

I was telling a friend recently all that needs to happen over the next month…. as I kept adding events to the list it all seemed a bit unreal… Thought I’d share it with you.

*have a ‘garage’ sale {those don’t really happen here, so we’re having a sale out of our flat, and putting a bunch of stuff on gumtree}

*give birth {sometime in the next 3 weeks}

*go to London for an immigration interview {schedule for 7 November, assuming the baby decides to make his appearance before then}

*make sure I have all the paperwork I need for the above-mentioned interview

*have the baby registered in Glasgow, and then register him at the embassy in Edinburgh {to get his US citizenship} and get a passport

*choose a shipping company {it’s between 2 right now}, have them come and pack up the essentials we’re going to ship {oh, and decide what those ‘essentials’ are going to be}

*give “notice” to our letting agent, and clean all the nooks & crannies so we can get our deposit back

*have Grandma come to visit {hooray!}

*Halloween {not a big deal for me, but the kids are really excited to dress up, etc}

*celebrate Olivia’s 9th birthday, and have some sort of ‘going away’ party for her and her friends

*book airplane tickets {try to figure out what date will work best, so we can be in WA in time for Mike’s sister’s wedding}

*sell our car

*say good-bye to friends and a life that we’ve built over the past 7 years

Phew! Have I forgotten anything? Overwhelming right? I’ll let you know how it all goes…

On a less stressful note, I came across this today at marks & spencers.

Every year, for the past 7, I’ve missed this at Christmastime and tried to re-create it. I bought a tin because I was so excited about it, and because it’s so cute and I love the red. It’s like Christmas in every bite! I’ll keep munching on that over the next month, and do my best to take things one day at a time.


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