uh oh

I’ve been working on getting ready for baby, and one of the final things was getting a new buggy. Our old one doesn’t accommodate a newborn, and I may have a *slight* obsession with strollers, I don’t even want to admit how many we’ve been through with our 3 kids. We finally decided on one, and I found a great deal on e-bay for about £50 less than anywhere else. It arrived yesterday, hurray!

new buggy!

The only downside is that Stella proceeded to have a total meltdown once we took it out of the box and put it together. She was just so *mad* that it wasn’t for her, she even hit it. Uh-oh. I have been blissfully unaware of any jealousy on her part towards this baby. I have a whole stockpile of baby things that I’ve been collecting and making. This is the first time she’s been upset about any of it.

So Mike came up with the great idea to make a ‘baby survival kit’ for our kids. Something for them to open up and enjoy while we’re at the hospital. So far we’re thinking a note to each of them, sweets, books and a small toy. Putting that together will give me something to keep me busy for a wee while. I’m at 38+ weeks and already feeling the ‘am I ever going to have this baby?’ Just think of how bad it’s going to get if I’m late… Perish the thought!

Happy Weekend!


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