Friday Photos

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a hectic week around here… too much to do + sleep deprivation = hectic!

I did manage to snap a few pics with my phone of some of the highlights.


Mike and I (and Miles) had the chance for a night away in Seattle!! Definitely the highlight of the week for me. Time with Mike is a luxury these days, and time at Bellevue Square wasn’t too bad either!


Our time away included a much needed stop at Ikea. We need major toy storage now that our shipment is here, and Ikea helps so much with that!


Stella’s first proper trip to the dentist was a success! Up to this point she has pretty much refused to open her mouth for a dentist, hard to believe I know.


Mike put together our crib for Miles. These two didn’t get the chance to use this crib since it didn’t come to Scotland with us, they had to try it out!

Happy Friday!


hello tuesday

My ‘hellos’ had to wait until Tuesday this week, since I enjoyed a lovely night away Sunday! Mike & I (and baby Miles) got to spend the night in Seattle! It was such a treat to spend uninterrupted hours with Mike. We live in the same house, but I long for the weekends when I feel like I actually get to see him.

Well let’s see… what does this week hold?

hello trip to the dentist for Stella, hoping she’ll actually open her mouth for the dentist this time!

hello locating my shoes and cookbooks amidst the endless boxes.

hello a welcome visit from my Mom!

hello finding the library books and returning them on time!

hello finding my sewing machine to sew some projects with my Mom, first on the list a cushion for the window seat in our new toy storage!

hello coming up with a plan to help me fit into my jeans again… it’s been 4 months, now it’s time!

hello season of lent and the “opportunity to give up something that is sucking the life out of us so that we can be filled with God, with life, with love again” (quoted from this article)

Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of locating and finding this week.

I hope your week is filled with some lovely ‘hellos’!


This week in photos

Another week, another chance for capturing a wee bit of life on camera.


Amazing weather allowed for some yard work. It’s still so novel to have a yard of our own!


Mike’s making progress on Stella’s kitchen that he’s converting from a 60’s cabinet.


I never get tired of this face.


Hanging out with 2 of my Valentines this week.


Had lunch out with this motley crew on their half day of school, cousins and friends for life.

Happy Friday!

have you ever??

Have you ever been taken out by your husband (for an early Valentines Day dinner) to a lovely restaurant that serves your favorite restaurant food of all time (crab linguine, with HUGE pieces of crab), been refused wine because of your fake-looking UK Driving License, and then proceed to have a total meltdown and actually have to leave because you couldn’t stop crying????


Let me tell you, I’ve cried in some pretty embarrassing places in the last 4 months (US Consulate when my Visa was not granted, the Police Station in Glasgow when they wouldn’t take my finger prints, on an airplane seated between 2 complete strangers at the beginning of an 8 hour flight, just to name a few), but this time I’ve taken crazy to a whole new level.

To my credit, would anyone really go to a fancy restaurant and order a glass of sauvignon blanc with fake ID? And who in their right mind would really think I’m under 21?? Shouldn’t they know better than to deny a mother of four, who has just had her world turned upside down, on her first date with her husband since forever, a measly glass of wine? Of course they didn’t know any of this. And to be fair they gave us our meal in take out boxes, for free, because the other manager felt so bad. My husband figures this should be our new way to get free food, ha!

I guess I’m a bit more fragile these days than I realized.

What can I take away from this experience? Well, my husband is a very patient man, and I am just barely holding it together.

On the surface I may have ruined our Valentine’s dinner, but more important than a nice dinner out is knowing I have a partner through this all. He has been my Valentine for 12 years, through thick and thin, through lovely times full of laughter, and disastrous times filled with tears.  I am deeply thankful that he is mine and I am his, and I look forward to better times ahead.

hello monday

What does this week hold??

I often feel overwhelmed at the thought of a new week, SO MUCH to do! Or conversely underwhelmed at the thought of the mundaneness of another week of the same. I’m hoping this idea of welcoming and anticipating what the week has for me will help me remember to be thankful and anticipate good things, rather than complain and anticipate difficulty. I got this idea from this blogger, who incidentally makes lovely jewelry also!

Hello cuteness, full of smiles and coos. Hello 9 hours of sleep and hoping for the trend to continue.

Hello heart day, and the first time my kids get to give out Valentines. Hello using the day as an excuse to be extra loving to the kiddos and to tell him how much I love him and the sacrifices he’s making for our family right now.

Hello a million and one painting projects. Hello hoping to complete at least one!

Hello finally getting my fingerprints taken for that immigration document I need.

Hello watching a few episodes of Friday Night Lights (my new fav, I’m slightly behind the times I know).

Hello Target, and Safeway, and hopefully Woods.

I hope you have many things to say ‘hello’ to this week, and I hope you can face them with thanksgiving and joy. xx

the week in photos


Stella has unique style.


Found a table & chairs at a local thrift store, cannot wait to paint!


Miles is grabbing onto toys. (photo by Stella)


My new workout partner, I’m trying to rediscover my abs.


Spots, flowers & sleep book, all things that bring me joy!

Happy Friday!!

what a difference a year makes.

I really don’t know where to begin. It’s been over 3 months of blog silence from me. I’ve had a few things going on. {understatement of the year}

Let’s see…. 2 days after my last blog post this little man entered my life. *swoon*

miles libolt - born october 28, 2011

Isn’t he just amazing? I am completely in love.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind. Olivia’s birthday, train to London for US Visa {which incidentally I did NOT receive as hoped}, movers packing up our flat, clean and leave said flat, good-byes, fly to Washington, celebrate a sister’s wedding, Thanksgiving & Christmas, fly back to Glasgow {with Miles} to finish Visa process, not receive Visa {again}, fly back to Washington.

*Phew* No wonder I’m tired. No wonder I get teary just thinking about facing the grocery store.

On top of all of that craziness, I’m grieving. big. time.

We were in Glasgow for over 7 years. We grew as a family there, in every way. I grew as an individual, finding places of myself I didn’t know were there. Doing things I didn’t think I was capable of. I was once told that if you stay in Glasgow over 3 years it becomes apart of you. I now know that is true. I feel like a part of my heart has been left on the other side of the world.

I’m taking it one day at a time. And for the most part I’m doing ok. I may have to fight back tears on a regular basis (I wasn’t kidding about that grocery store thing), and I may well up every time I get an e-mail from a friend from Glasgow. And I may still refer to Glasgow as home, without even realising it.

But there are a few things I know fore sure. Even when I hear that whisper, the one that says maybe we made a mistake. The one that says you’ll never feel that here.  The one that says you’re alone, no one will ever understand… I know that God’s hand reaches further. That even if we did make a big mistake, God is bigger. God is still here. He does not abandon.

I also know that I need time. And that I can love Glasgow, and what happened there, and still be happy here.

It’s just gonna take a little time.