hello monday

What does this week hold??

I often feel overwhelmed at the thought of a new week, SO MUCH to do! Or conversely underwhelmed at the thought of the mundaneness of another week of the same. I’m hoping this idea of welcoming and anticipating what the week has for me will help me remember to be thankful and anticipate good things, rather than complain and anticipate difficulty. I got this idea from this blogger, who incidentally makes lovely jewelry also!

Hello cuteness, full of smiles and coos. Hello 9 hours of sleep and hoping for the trend to continue.

Hello heart day, and the first time my kids get to give out Valentines. Hello using the day as an excuse to be extra loving to the kiddos and to tell him how much I love him and the sacrifices he’s making for our family right now.

Hello a million and one painting projects. Hello hoping to complete at least one!

Hello finally getting my fingerprints taken for that immigration document I need.

Hello watching a few episodes of Friday Night Lights (my new fav, I’m slightly behind the times I know).

Hello Target, and Safeway, and hopefully Woods.

I hope you have many things to say ‘hello’ to this week, and I hope you can face them with thanksgiving and joy. xx


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