have you ever??

Have you ever been taken out by your husband (for an early Valentines Day dinner) to a lovely restaurant that serves your favorite restaurant food of all time (crab linguine, with HUGE pieces of crab), been refused wine because of your fake-looking UK Driving License, and then proceed to have a total meltdown and actually have to leave because you couldn’t stop crying????


Let me tell you, I’ve cried in some pretty embarrassing places in the last 4 months (US Consulate when my Visa was not granted, the Police Station in Glasgow when they wouldn’t take my finger prints, on an airplane seated between 2 complete strangers at the beginning of an 8 hour flight, just to name a few), but this time I’ve taken crazy to a whole new level.

To my credit, would anyone really go to a fancy restaurant and order a glass of sauvignon blanc with fake ID? And who in their right mind would really think I’m under 21?? Shouldn’t they know better than to deny a mother of four, who has just had her world turned upside down, on her first date with her husband since forever, a measly glass of wine? Of course they didn’t know any of this. And to be fair they gave us our meal in take out boxes, for free, because the other manager felt so bad. My husband figures this should be our new way to get free food, ha!

I guess I’m a bit more fragile these days than I realized.

What can I take away from this experience? Well, my husband is a very patient man, and I am just barely holding it together.

On the surface I may have ruined our Valentine’s dinner, but more important than a nice dinner out is knowing I have a partner through this all. He has been my Valentine for 12 years, through thick and thin, through lovely times full of laughter, and disastrous times filled with tears.  I am deeply thankful that he is mine and I am his, and I look forward to better times ahead.


3 thoughts on “have you ever??

  1. What kind of place is that?!?! I would have weeped too! I can only imagine Mike’s face…. but It’s so absurd that it made me laugh 😉

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