Friday Photos

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a hectic week around here… too much to do + sleep deprivation = hectic!

I did manage to snap a few pics with my phone of some of the highlights.


Mike and I (and Miles) had the chance for a night away in Seattle!! Definitely the highlight of the week for me. Time with Mike is a luxury these days, and time at Bellevue Square wasn’t too bad either!


Our time away included a much needed stop at Ikea. We need major toy storage now that our shipment is here, and Ikea helps so much with that!


Stella’s first proper trip to the dentist was a success! Up to this point she has pretty much refused to open her mouth for a dentist, hard to believe I know.


Mike put together our crib for Miles. These two didn’t get the chance to use this crib since it didn’t come to Scotland with us, they had to try it out!

Happy Friday!


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