hello monday

Another week!

And another attempt at anticipating good things this week, looking ahead with thanksgiving.

I had to try this with my son already this morning as he listed off all of the awful things a Monday at school holds. Things like chapel and music class, oh the horror. Anyways, it took a minute but we thought of some good things too, you know, recess and lunchtime!

hello more spring weather, and discovering the treasures our garden has to offer.

hello salads with avocado, my current favorite.

hello meal planning and grocery shopping with 2 kids instead of 4!

hello hanging out with this spitfire, she loves helping with the laundry and cleaning, making it much more fun.

hello munching on easter candy from the hunt yesterday,

hello planting seeds to grow starts for our vegetable garden,

hello walks in the warmer temperatures with Stella & Miles,

hello *hopefully* last week of Mike working crazy hours!

hello unexpected surprises that life with 4 kiddos can bring!

linking up with lisa leonard, inspirer of ‘hello monday’ and maker of some of my favorite jewelry!


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