Photo Friday – a day late

My first full week back just flew by! Full of field trips and fun, pretend birthdays and graduations, with a little trauma thrown in just for kicks.


These 2 ended up in my bed every morning at 6! Good thing they’re so adorable ’cause that’s way too early in my book.


Celebrating Stella’s ‘pretend’ birthday at pre-school, they celebrate all of the summer birthdays on the last few days of pre-school.


Stella also ‘graduated’ this week! First one to graduate from pre-school in our family. 😉


Later that day we met Noah at his field trip. There were some ugly lookin turkeys there!


And a great barn too!


Noah’s class, such a sweet group of kids.


I continue to have project ADD, lots of half-finished painted furniture, I WILL finish them!


And our week ended with a traumatic scooter crash by this one. Lots of tears & blood & 5 stitches! She is such a trooper though, and thankfully our doctor here in town was still open & able to stitch her right up.

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday – Happy Weekend!


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