photo friday

How can it be Friday again? That week disintegrated, & only two and a half days of school next week, & then summer holidays! I’m half excited/half dreading. Is that bad? I’m looking forward to not rushing in the morning, not nagging over honework & enjoying easy going days with my kids, I’m dreading the ‘I’m-bored-it’s-been-raining-for-a-week-straight-so-in-desperation-I-thought-it’d-be-a-good-idea-to-go-to-Target-days.’

Ah well, c’est la vie, bring on summer!

Now for the pics…


We planted a very mini garden this past Saturday, just like our yard, the mini size is just right for my level of gardening!


I was not excited about putting his 7 month onesie on this week, his first year is going way too fast for my liking. {although if he would kindly sleep through the night on a regular basis I’d be much obliged.}


We ate a lot of cake this week, which is my kinda week! Celebrated the May family birthdays Sunday, made this cake {thank you pinterest}. I could eat chocolate cake every day, oh wait, I think I have this week.


Trip to DQ for Mike’s birthday dessert. Stella was feeling festive and wore her {way too small} cat costume. And why not?


My new fav, and after a ridiculous trip to Costco, let me tell ya, I needed a glass.


Trying to take self-portraits of the glasses I was trying on to show Mike. I am completely unable to make a decision on my own, except maybe what to have for lunch, and I have a bit of a track record of making poor glasses choices…


She’s letting me braid her hair!! Sure it was to keep it away from her stitches but I’ll take it!


And finally my fav shot of the week! Noah got taekwondo {I have no idea how to spell that word} lessons for his birthday, he certainly loves the uniform!

Happy Friday!
{I get to go to UVillage tomorrow, Hurray!}


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