photo friday

It’s Friday, day 2 of summer holidays, and so far there has been shouting, slamming of doors, throwing of toys {by my kids not me, just to clarify}, and about a million ‘go be by yourself and simmer down’. It’s going to be a long summer at this rate. There’s something to be said for the 7-8 week summer holidays we used to get in the UK. It has literally been raining cats and dogs, so that doesn’t help. Although if dogs & cats were to fall from the sky, they’d probably be pretty thrilled.
Onto the photos…


Just to prove I’m not lying, do you see those raindrops? I’m trying to be ‘thakful’ for them. Our ‘N’ got lost in the move I guess…


Last Saturday I got to go shoppong with the Libolt ladies. This chair was in one of the changing rooms I was in. You know it’s a nice shop when they have Tolix chairs in their rooms. {It’s real, I checked}


We painted our old change table for the boys dresser. It had these weird plexi ‘windows’ in the drawers that I was never really fond of, so we sprayed them with chalkboard paint {Mike’s idea}. I’m pretty happy with it, & the boys finally have somewhere to put their clothes.


Stitches out & chin healed! After wearing a band-aid for 2 weeks straight {not the same one, eww} she finally let me keep it off. Now she’s got a tough looking scar.


Noah had some Birthday money to spend, Captain America will now be joining Iron Man at our house.


I keep thinking these will be a good treat/snack for the kids. Only problem is that they are highly addictive and I’m the grown-up so I can have them whenever I want, and I want them pretty often.


This little peanut is loving the finger foods. Cheerios, banana, sweet potato puffs & avocado were on the menu today. Now if only he would sleep through the night regularly {if I keep saying it maybe it’ll happen!}


With June may come rain here in the NW, but it also comes with peonies, I love!

Happy Friday!


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