photo Friday

The weeks are flying by & I’m trying to keep up! Here’s a glimpse into our last three weeks…

Miles looking very french in a top I received as a gift, bought in Paris. It’s seriously the most beautifully made top, I wish he’d fit into it forever.

Our first warm day of summer break we headed to ‘hovander park’, a local old homestead turned park.


I made a skirt! Super easy & comfy, my fav bit is that Noah knows it’s called a maxi skirt. πŸ™‚

I dusted off the running gear. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m hoping to train with a group in town for a half-marathon {in Sept}. I’m not convinced yet…

Miles is DYING to crawl. He has resorted to a technique we call ‘the inchworm’. He goes up on all fours, and kind of jumps/lunges forward. He usually lands on his face, cries, & then does it again!

The 3 oldest took swimming lessons this past week. Stella only refused to take part on one day, that’s pretty good for Stella.

This past week the kids also did a kids camp, with a western theme. They loved it! And I loved the quiet mornings… family fun night was Wednesday & included a wagon ride, enjoyed by all, including my old college roomate who came to visit for a few days. We got to show her small town usa!

The per-diest cowgirl you ever did see.

Because it’s never boring around here, we got to rescue a bird that flew into our garage & couldn’t figure out how to get out. By ‘we’ I mean Laurel, my houseguest. πŸ˜‰

Today Laurel was heading down to Seattle so I suggested I go down too, just to do a little shopping. I have a daughter who is going to be very excited to open her birthday present in a few weeks, than you American Girl.


I’ll leave you with my fav photo from the last few weeks. We’re still waiting for summer to decide to stay for good, and I’m hoping there will be many afternoons spent jumping in the play pool!

Happy Friday!


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