friday photos

we spent this last week in Alberta and had a great time! I took my kids to many of my favorite spots when I was a kid, and we enjoyed some proper hot days!


I flew alone with 4 kids!! It was definitely one of the longer hours of my life, but we made it {and get to repeat that again tomorrow}.


Miles got to meet great-grandma!


Saskatoon berry pie — one of my favs!


The kids loved my parents’ labs {except for maybe stella}, especially Olivia, that girl needs a dog!


We celebrated Stella’s birthday {again…lucky girl}.


The kids discovered ‘retro’ cartoons. The Jetsons, Flinstones, Inspector Gadget…all the shows I watched as a kid. I’m not sure how I feel about them being called retro.


Yes, that’s a lobster, yes I ate it all myself, and yes I’m spoiled. Sorry, sorta.


Miles loves him some bread & fries, a baby after my own heart.


Can you see the bear?? It’s there I promise…


The kids were pretty excited by the deer in Waterton.


We spent a couple of afternoons at the outdoor pool, I used to love that place as a kid, and they loved it too.

Well, I had a few more pictures of Waterton {it’s so beautiful & one of my favorite places I’ve ever been!}, but Stella decided to delete a bunch of my photos…

Happy Friday!


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