photo friday

Another two weeks have flown by!  Here is a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.


Berry season continues, now with blueberries & blackberries. I turned some into a ‘dump cake’, so easy & so good!



Miles is on the move! Standing & climbing as often as possible.


We had promised the kids a trip to the zoo during the summer holidays, and we managed to squeeze it in on our last weekend of holidays, what a fun day!


Giraffe paparazzi.


So it turns out Miles likes ice-cream.


Monday Noah & Livi got to visit their new classrooms, meet their teachers & drop off school supplies. They both like their teacher, and we’re hoping for a great year!


They also got to ride a bus to school for the first time EVER!


Stella had her first day of school too this week. She went into Kindergarten for an hour and really loved it, she also wants to ride the bus, not sure if I’m ready for that!


Miles is now 10 months old! Why do the months keep flying by? He is such a joy.

Happy Friday!


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