photo friday

Let’s just accept the fact that this post will rarely actually appear on a Friday, ok? Good. I kinda got caught up watching White Collar on netflix last night & forgot to post!



This is Miles in true form these days. He spent a good 10 minutes trying to rip a piece of this little people barn off. And then raging because he couldn’t do it. Can we all say ‘uh oh’, I’m in deep trouble with this one. Turns out my sweet Miles has a temper on him. I shouldn’t really be surprised, he is my child after all…


The kids had a half day this past Wednesday and it was a beautiful afternoon, involving sprinklers (& umbrellas) & ice lollies. Summer just keeps hanging on her in the NW.


He really likes to help. With a mischievous grin, always.


This is what Miles & I did from 6-7 a.m. Friday. He grabbed my hair & smacked my face while I tried to sleep. Good times.


Later that same morning he held his bottle for the first time, hurray!


This is me icing my knee after my last long run before next Sunday’s half marathon. My body will definitely be glad when this is over! I hobbled around all day after this…

Happy Weekend!


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