photo friday

We’re off to Portland for the weekend to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving with my family, I’m so excited!! One of the perks of our marriage — 2 thanksgivings!
Here’s a glimpse into the past two weeks…


Miles got a chance to try out the swings for the first time. The park was such a big part of my kids’ lives in Glasgow and here It’s a rarity, still feels a little strange.


My current favorite stop to get fruits & veg us this local grocer, ‘The Green Barn’. It has a great selection of local produce & currently has fantastic pumpkins! (a favourite of mine)


I picked up this beauty last week, love the green.


Pumpkin Pie lattes from Woods coffee are my current indulgence. Delicious, and they taste just like fall to me.


Noah’s pumpkin plant got REALLY long, but unfortunately didn’t produce any pumpkins, maybe next year we’ll have better luck!


Oh Miles, could you be any more adorable??


Half-marathon day! I trained for a few months for it & was so excited to finish! Definitely one of the more challenging this I’ve ever done.


This was the sign my family was holding for me at the finish line, it was SO great to see them cheering me on to the finish!


If the dishwasher is open, Miles makes a beeline for it. His favourite perch!

Happy Friday!


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