happy {canadian} thanksgiving!

This past weekend we went down to Portland to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

My brother and his family live there, and my parents drove down from Alberta so we could all be together. We feasted Saturday; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie — if it’s associated with Thanksgiving we ate it! It was a quick trip, but so great to be together.

Since today is the actual day of Thanksgiving, I’ve got a ‘thanksgiving’ list for you.

10 things i’m thankful for today…. 

{in no particular order}

* pumpkin pie lattes in the fall *

* giggling children *

* yogurt & granola *

* the memory of the scent of my newborn babies *

{why else would I have 4??}

* a husband who is my best friend *

* popcorn and movie night with my kids *

* texting old friends *

* garden fresh tomatoes *

* making a hand-made gift *

* reading in the sun *

{I did that TODAY! This fall has been a-mazing}

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!



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