my baby turns {1}

How can it be a year already? seriously, I don’t understand it.


Here he is, brand new, minutes old. What a sweet boy.

When I look at this photo it takes me right back to that moment. Life was so full of unknowns. We were moving, I was waiting on an immigration interview, our flat was packed up, good-byes were looming. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was completely in love with this boy. Caring for him helped me, steadied me in the midst of all that chaos. He still steadies me! As I venture into unknown territory with my just-about-10-year-old daughter, Miles is the one that I know how to parent. I know what a baby needs. I ‘get’ babies. Pre-tween girls, that’s another story…

The week before his 1st birthday, Miles was sick. High fever, runny nose, drool, he was completely miserable. So we decided to delay his party for a week, instead we had a little family celebration.

I was feeling sentimental about it being Miles last week before being a big one year old. I was rewarded with a week with a sick baby who needed to be cuddled 24/7. I enjoyed the cuddles, but not how miserable the little guy must have felt. He’s back to tearing up the house, so he must be feeling better.

I was given a pack of monthly onesies for my baby shower, and I have loved having them. Comparing him in the 12 photos is amazing. He was such a peanut when he was born, so tiny and wrinkly. Over the months he has changed so much, I just love his cheeks!

I was hoping to write a lovely ‘dear miles’ letter, putting into words how much I have treasured his first year. How much he has steadied me when all was chaos and change around me.  But, alas, a week with a sick baby, and a few sleepless nights have turned my brain {back} into mush…

Well Miles, we are so thankful you are a part of our family. You are the perfect completion to our wild bunch. We love you, and can’t wait to see all the ways you’ll change and learn and grow this year!


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