photo friday — is baaaack!

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Let’s see, a quick recap… Miles dunked my phone in coffee and the camera stopped working {hence the abrupt end of photo friday}. We moved house, adopted a cat, celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, repainted a huge red wall, had at least 1 or more child sick at a time for two weeks straight, gymnastics {Olivia}, basketball {Noah}, phone camera miraculously starts working again, and here we are! Go big or go home right, that’s how we take on life around here. Anyways, more on that later, here’s a glimpse into the past week…


Can you see that lovely sun shining in?? I LOVE a cold sunny day, reminds me of childhood. Since we eat all most of our meals at the kitchen bar/island now, our huge table has become the permanent drawing station. I love it! {unless I’m on a ‘clear the table surfaces’ kick, then it’s really bothersome}


Noah’s playing basketball at the Y! I can’t tell you how much humor and pride I gain from this. First off, little kids playing basketball is hi-larious, some kids can barely dribble {ahem}, while others can zoom down the court and shoot from the 3 point line! Noah is having a great time, and I’m so proud of him for doing something new that’s maybe just a tiny bit scary too.


*second* visit to the doctor’s office

Oh my word — when 1 of 4 kids gets sick, it’s a loooong process for the bug to pass through all of the children, and then the adults! Noah came down with ‘the fever’ first, then Olivia, then Stella, and you guessed it, then Miles. Poor Stella just couldn’t kick it though. She had a fever for over a week, and then once it broke, she broke out in a rash! Two doctor’s office visits later, no antibiotics needed {thankful for that!}, she now seems to be mostly back to herself now, still a bit rashy though.


#4, well he’s trouble. I should have known. I can’t leave him alone for a second, or he’s in my shower {getting all wet}, unraveling the toilet paper rolls {it’s his mission in life}, or climbing stools to get on kitchen islands to steal candy. I am in for it. Seriously.




Stella, Miles and I snuck down to Seattle to see some Scotland friends this past week. It was a treat to see them and catch up. We got to talk about adjusting to life back stateside, and about loved ones in Glasgow, and about how life goes on. It was good for me, and Stella loved seeing Hazel!

And I’ll leave you with my favourite shot of the week. He can be such trouble, but his little face melts my heart every time.

Happy Weekend!



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