photo friday

Here’s a glimpse into our week…


Saturday mornings have turned into craft mornings around here. The girls got these beads for Christmas and spent a large part of the weekend making colorful creations. My favorite part is that Stella calls them “McKenna” beads, and I have no idea why!


Date night! It doesn’t happen nearly enough, but we had a great time trying out a new place. Honestly, it felt like being back in Glasgow, at a slightly larger version of Velvet Elvis. It was our effort to celebrate Valentine’s Day, since Mike worked 12 hour shifts this week and we knew we’d never have the chance to celebrate later in the week. {do you remember last year’s Valentine’s dinner disaster?? this year was much better!}


Fish and Chips and Pulled Pork, delicious! And water served in mason jars, love!


Spent 2 hours watching Downton Abbey later Sunday night. I’m so sad that the season finale is this week, and I’m really nervous about what’s going to happen next, I sense disaster looming…


I had the great idea to make and decorate cut-out cookies for the kids to take to school for Valentine’s day. They had a half day Wednesday so I figured it would be fun. I’m not sure what made me think that mid-week {sleepiest day of the week}, in the afternoon {my sleepiest time of the day}, I’d have enough energy to do that. Temporary insanity? Overzealous Mom? Well, we compromised, I made chocolate chip cookie dough, chilled it, pressed it between parchment, cut into heart shapes, baked & voila! Valentine’s cookies! It may be our new tradition.


He really is a snuggly and sweet cat, and is destroying all my prejudices about felines in general.


Ah…., the perfume Mike bought me in Paris 2 years ago. It seems like another life, where we could escape to Paris for a few nights. Some days I get all nostalgic and wonder when we’ll get there again, someday soon I hope!

Happy Weekend!


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