photo friday

Here’s a glimpse of my week in photos…

Saturday night I got to live it up! I went out for ‘rolls’ with a good friend, and then onto Target {without kids, hurrah!} and dessert. The california rolls and ‘lynden’ rolls were delicious, I can’t wait to go back!


Our cat sleeps in these crazy positions, all curled into a ball, half on his back, half on his side, with his paw over his face. I find this fascinating and adorable.

Sunday night was Downton night, I had heard the finale was intense, so I was prepared with wine and chocolate. It WAS intense and traumatic and a really beautiful episode {until the last 5 minutes anyways}. It’s going to be difficult to wait a whole year for the next season.


I picked up this mug on clearance this week. I had been eyeing it before Valentine’s Day. The ‘ampersand’ is one of my favourites and I just love this mug, I’ll be drinking my morning coffee out of this one for awhile I think.


Monday the kids were off school, so we went in search of doughnuts. Our favourite place was closed, so Safeway it was!


I got to volunteer in Stella’s class this week too. We painted American flags, which I felt rather under-qualified to do, seeing as I’m not actually American, but the kids didn’t seem to mind!


Miles used to simply empty this drawer out {on a daily basis}, now he prefers to just sit inside…


I dusted off the sewing machine this week, and made a cover for my machine. Since it’ll spend a lot of time out on my craft table/desk, I figured it needed a cute cover! {made from one of my favourite Cath Kidston fabrics} I’m thinking of adding some ricrac or pompom trim this week…


almost took Miles to a play/song group at the library this week, instead we stopped in afterwards for a bit of play time. I just can’t seem to bring myself to go to a playgroup….maybe next week?!


This week seems to be all about pictures of Miles, I do have other kids I promise!

Thursday morning I caught him eating oreos out of his brother’s lunch box. He is always up to something that Miles! And it turns out he likes oreos..


I noticed these lovely owl prints at Target this week. Upon closer inspection I realized they are made by  ‘paperchase’, one of my favourite paper sources from Scotland! I’m trying to think of a reason why I need those owls.


I’ll leave you with my favourite shot of Miles this week. He now has a ‘i’m-doing-something-naughty-face’ and this is it. He continues to crack me up on a daily basis! {Although next week I’ll try and includes some pics of the rest of the family!}


happy weekend!


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