photo friday


This page of ‘mint greens’ in the March issue of BHG *swoon*. I want to paint everything in those colors, if only painting wasn’t so much work…maybe our half-bath.


Miles helped me shop at Joann’s this week. Picking fabric is such fun, waiting to have it cut, not so much. Why does it take so long? every.single.time. Ok, complaining over, I got some fun polka dot fabric, soon to be bunting and my first attempt at a quilt {for Miles, and it’ll be very ‘mini’ I’m guessing!}


I laughed when I saw this sweater, I’m pretty sure I had something similar in grade 6. Long live the 80’s!

I didn’t buy it, but have been thinking about it ever since, I may need to go back for it….


Um, my boot does seem like a perfectly good place for the cat’s food. I was sure to empty them out before wearing them {and I needed them a lot this week with ALL THE RAIN!}


I’m into taking ‘selfies’ this week. They’re so awkward, where do I look? Am I supposed to smile? Oh well. Also, I’m no stranger to shopping in the girl’s section at Gap, but I’ve only just discovered the boy’s section. Take this sweatshirt, I love it! Comfy, the sleeves are long enough {!!} and it was on clearance! The boy’s section always has the best sweatshirt too, and I’m all about the sweatshirt.


If there are steps/stairs/boxes/rungs of a ladder, he will climb it. Bonus if tormenting the cat is included.


Another awkward photo, but I was so delighted to have a latte and my hair done on the same day! It’s the little things I tell ya. I don’t have an after photo {I’m sure you’re dying to see it}, but I’m back to blonde! It’s been far too long…


I LOVE/hate Trader Joe’s. Their food is fabulous, good value and quality. But their treats are too tempting. This week I discovered these ‘speculoos’ cookies. Stella and I managed to polish off the box in no time.

They are perfectly spicy and sweet, and dunked in coffee, don’t get me started.

Happy Weekend friends!



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