photo friday


That word best describes this past week. This is that time of year when we are teased with a few nice days, {and bust out all the spring clothes, ahem} and then are hit with a rainfall warning for most of the week! Crazy wet days, but my allergies are telling me that Spring is coming!


We had a lovely sunny Saturday, and the six of us went to the park. Miles liked the swing, for about 5 seconds. Oh well, the other kids loved it!


I spent some time this week trying to figure out how to ‘customize’ the fabric bunting I’ve been making. Painted fabric circles seems like they will work, and I love the typewriter font!


This boy.

He’s giving me fits I tell you. I turn my back for one second and this is what he does. And he was strapped in, pretty tightly too! He has also taken to standing in shopping carts, and his stroller, oh help!


Noah had his annual allergy check-up this past week too. I’ve learned {the hard way} that it’s best to only tell him about these appointments on the day they happen, otherwise he stresses, majorly. Thankfully having his blood pressure taken was about as painful as it got. No skin pricks with itchy allergy stuff on them this time!


We had a freak downpour/thunder/lightning storm tonight. I was upstairs for a minute when there was a huge crack of thunder. Miles was unfazed, and I came down to find Biscuit hiding behind my mixer, in the very back corner of my kitchen counter, frozen with terror, poor kitty.


I’ll leave you with my favourite photo of the week — my bunting is on display at the amazing Grandiflora Home & Garden!  I’m excited and nervous to see where this may lead…

happy weekend friends!


One thought on “photo friday

  1. Poor Kitty is right! I find Hurley hiding in the tiniest places when he’s scared. And Miles…I don’t think you’ll be able to keep him contained now, just try to redirect him. 🙂

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